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cPass™ Neutralizing Antibody (nAB) COVID-19 assay

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What is the progression of your protection level for COVID-19?
Do you need a (third) COVID-19 vaccination?
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What is the nAB COVID-19 assay?

The antibody response plays a key role in protecting against viral infections such as COVID-19. Inducing a neutralizing antibody response by vaccination...

How does nAB COVID-19 assay works?

A MediCorps nurse comes to site to perform venipuncture (blood collection) on a department or employee. Blood collection is done at the organization's...

What are the nAB COVID-19 results?

The cPass™ nAB value provides the employee with an idea of the inhibition/protection against COVID-19 infection. MediCorps provides a personal protection profile based on the results...

What can I do with my nAB COVID-19 score?

The Neutralizing Antibody (nAB) COVID-19 score provides an indication of inhibition/protection. Based on this, you can take various actions...

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